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Testimonials of Past and Present Clients

     I came to find Jerry at just the right time. Within the previous 6 months I had lost my dad and was just moving back in with my mom after completing college. I was in the middle of quite a few major transitions in my life. Jerry’s warm demeanor and calming presence made it easy to open up to him and address my own strengths and weaknesses. I’ve done traditional therapy for the last 8 years and while it’s been helpful for me, I found so many more productive aspects to life coaching than I ever have with traditional therapy. It felt much less clinical, more personable and goal oriented than traditional therapy.      Jerry built me up and gave me tools that I’ll be able to utilize for the rest of my life in just a few sessions. Jerry is open minded, understanding, and multi faceted in so many ways and I can’t recommend his services enough for anybody at any stage of life.

     “Please send me a guide? A guru? A mentor? A life coach? Someone who can help me sort things through as I walk along my path.”   These are the words I prayed as I packed for the getaway I took on a whim, feeling as though my life and spirit were spiraling out of balance.  On that very same night, I met Jerry.
     The big question of my life has rarely been, “Who am I?” Or, “Why am I here?” But more so, “How can I be present in and exude my spirit energy in a way to connect with and heal others, while also remaining true to path?” Working with Jerry showed me I’ve had the answer all along! He has opened me up to the clarity that is my sense of success: a joyous and peaceful world to surround me as I elevate and spread love, all the while healing within myself, and extending that healing to the collective consciousness.  He has provided me with the tools I need to remain on path as I navigate through the physical world, and supports me immensely every step of the way.
     Before meeting Jerry, I was a hungry rat, lost in a maze, overwhelmed and overstimulated by everything I THOUGHT mattered. Now I am falling into ease, balance, and a sense of peace unlike ever before!
     I thank you Jerry. For your guidance, for your friendship, and for shining your bright spirit upon the world! I am truly grateful for you and all you strive to do!

     Jerry helped to rescue me from being stuck in grief of having lost my son.  The ease with which he was able to hold my hand, listen to me, and wait for me to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel was indeed a gamechanger. Thank you, Jerry!  You helped to save my life. You are a champion!

     My oldest daughter and I began working with Jerry as our Life Coach about a month ago. And in that short time I have witnessed such growth, especially in my daughter. She has grown more confident and independent, which is such a joy to see. For myself, I have experienced a greater sense of autonomy and determination through avenues of agreements and goals. I look forward to completing this path that Jerry has offered with enthusiasm and grace. Thank you for all you do, Jerry, you are appreciated!



     Experiencing Jerry’s coaching was a true gift that helped me make intentional progress in my life. His exceptional presence invited me to slow down and tune into my inner knowing. He has the ability to see and guide you to the root of the matter in an approachable, gentle, and straightforward way. I gained valuable insights and clear, practical next steps from each of our sessions. I highly recommend coaching with Jerry for anyone seeking authentic and meaningful development. 


     My time with Jerry has led me to develop skills and strategies that have greatly helped
me succeed in everyday life. I’ve learned to believe in myself, love myself, and grow in
becoming independent and not having to rely on anyone but me. Jerry is truly an amazing
human who encourages me constantly. Without Jerry, I would not be where I am today and
owe a great deal to him for helping me develop into the woman I am becoming.


     Jerry helped me create a document called "My Created Life," which sums up who I am, what I know to be true and my life path.  

     He helped me create something that accurately represents my soul essence. This has been an incredible tool to assist me in moving forward in my life with ease, growth and support.

Jerry not only coached me on the content of my document but also gave me tools that helped with the specific way I process things.

     I love my created life document so much. In times of stress it holds me. In times of fear it gives me courage. In times of peace and harmony that allows me to reach higher.

     This was my creation that Jerry guided and helped me curate. I love to expand things and at times it's challenging for me to consolidate and use precision. Jerry brought so much clarity to my creation and allowed me to achieve a completion on this project that matters so much to me.

     I had some challenging circumstances presented to me last month. I could feel this document holding me. I could reach out to my previous and future belief because it was so precisely crafted. My soul essence, life experiences and wisdom are represented in this document and am so glad it's available for me to draw upon.

     When the wisdom of this document arises I am so grateful and alongside that I feel much appreciation for the skill and care with which Jerry coached me.

Jerry offers brilliant insight in a compassionate, generous way. He brought out the magnificence in me. I highly recommend him as a coach.


Melanie Lake, Integration Coach, Utah 

     I was undergoing a major transition in my life.  My wife of 33 years and I had decided to separate.  There was a whirlwind of thoughts going through my head.  What are the next steps?  I had questions of my self worth as my identity had always been linked to our marriage.  Would I be able to handle life on my own?  Would I be able to start again this late in life?

     Session with Jerry have been valuable.  His approach to the transition was practical, affirming and his suggestions were relevant.  He is a great listener, fully present but also ensures we are effectively tackling the items we need to address.  I know there is still a bit of uncertainty in my transition, but Jerry helped me develop a plan, realize my self-worth and helped instill some confidence in my choices.   

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