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About Me


            I was born in Utah and grew up in Utah, New Mexico and Colorado.  Growing up I loved ranching, camping and the outdoors.  I decided to join the U.S. Air Force after a few years of college and served as an Airborne Vietnamese Linguist.  I married my first wife while serving in the Air Force and unfortunately became very ill and was medically retired in 1993.  Growing up, especially in New Mexico, I developed an incredible love and interest in other cultures.  One of the most transformative times in my life was a family trip to Mesa Verde to visit the cliff dwellings of the Puebloans.  Because of my interest in other cultures, I obtained a degree in Anthropology from UC Berkeley.  After UC Berkeley I attended Law School at the University of Colorado School of Law in Boulder.  We had our first child, Scott, while in Colorado.  After practicing law in Colorado for several years we decided to move back to California.  After moving back, we had our second son, Isaac.  After several years in California, we decided to separate and divorced soon after.  However, despite the divorce, we continued to co-parent successfully and always kept our two sons the focus. 

          In 2007 I married my current wife, Dana.  When we married, I was working in the insurance field, and later became an investigator for the EEOC.  We have had significant ups and downs due to deaths in the family and fluctuations in my health.  In 2011 I became ill and was unable to work for about 2 years.  During my illness, Dana and my first wife worked together to help with the boys and and made sure they were the top priority.  I eventually regained my health and opened a mediation practice.  Shortly thereafter, I decided to take the California Bar exam and became licensed in 2016.  As an attorney I practiced in the areas of trust and estate law, employment law, and business litigation. 

          Throughout my life I have always attempted to be present, caring and nonjudgmental.  My employment has been centered around serving and helping others, and truly listening to and understanding their needs.  While practicing law one of my greatest pleasures was being present and caring for clients.  Clients routinely expressed their gratitude for the caring and patience I showed them. 

          Despite the challenges I have faced, I have achieved a beautiful and rewarding life.  My wife and I are best friends and have a wonderful time together.  My children are all smarter, better looking and much more capable than me!  Scott served in the US Marine Corp as a C-130 enlisted Plane Captain and is now working to become a commercial pilot.  His wife Briana is a graduate of UC San Diego and intends to pursue a career as an attorney.  My youngest son is a high school athlete preparing to play baseball in college and obtain a degree in engineering.  

          I believe this incredible life has been premised on several key behaviors –Respect, Listening, Forgiveness, Compassion, Love, and Effective Communication.  As a coach, I help others build incredible lives based on these principles, and teach communication skills that build powerful personal and professional relationships.

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