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Redefining your story of who you are.  


Finding your strengths, passion and purpose. 


Creating a future that is determined and directed by you. 


Welcome to a New You

Helping individuals create a powerful and positive future: 

  • Following Divorce

  • After the death of a loved one or spouse

  • After the suicide of someone close

  • When facing difficult or chronic medical issues

  • When making a major career change

  • Following retirement

Teaching organizations powerful communication skills to: 

  • Effect positive change in management

  • Resolve toxic workplace cultures

  • Increase employee productivity

  • Build powerful and productive teams

  • Lead through times of significant upheaval caused by economic or societal change 


I am a husband and father.  I am a graduate of the Defense Language Institute, UC Berkeley and the University of Colorado School of Law.   Throughout my life I have found fulfillment in many different jobs, including USAF Linguist,  investigator, mediator, and attorney.  My goal was always to help others.  As a coach, I bring years of experience and knowledge to help transform lives and inspire positive, meaningful communications. 

Contact Me

Jerald Marrs 

12 Crow Canyon Court, Ste 208

San Ramon, CA  94583

(925) 490-9083

Thanks for reaching out! I will respond as soon as possible.

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